New Vehicle Detail

Always a strange one to offer to the proud owner of a new vehicle but the fact is that most new vehicles are far from perfect on delivery.

The exterior of the vehicle is often covered in contaminates and fallout due to the vehicle being stored outside until shipment can be made.

This contamination stops you from ever having the perfect finish and shine so really does need to be removed.

Rarely have we seen a new vehicle that hasn’t got some form of paint blemishes on. Scratches, lacquer runs and unfortunately swirling from dealership washing are the most common faults we find.

With our new vehicle detail with take care of these annoying defects and present the vehicle to you in the way it should be.

We also inspect the vehicle for any signs of serious bodywork faults so you can take up with the dealership.

Without question when buying a new vehicle, you will be offered the chance to have various protection and enhancing packages added to the vehicle. These packages are often applied to unprepared surfaces by untrained staff using inferior products.

We recommend you speak to any detailing company before committing to these packages as they can often provide better product-based packages at a lower price and will always be applied by professionally trained skilled staff.


Alloy wheels cleaned on vehicle


Wheel arches steam cleaned, snow foamed and brushed


Extensive multi staged wash process of vehicles paintwork, glass and trim including doors shuts


Tar deposits and iron fallout treated with specialist products to remove from surfaces


Remaining surface contaminants removed with a clay bar to give the ultimate smooth finish


Vehicle re-washed


Vehicle then dried using hot air blowers and drying towels


Comprehensive inspection of bodywork, glass, trim and interior


Single stage machine polish using appropriate compounds and pads


Application of ceramic enhances to paintwork giving 12-month protection


Exterior trim, tyres and any chrome dressed and protected as necessary


Interior cleaned and protection products applied to ALL surfaces


Glass cleaned throughout

Time taken for this detail 2 days

Pricing Starts From

*The quote will vary depending on vehicles size/condition
£ 300*
Optional Bolt-Ons

Alloy wheel ceramic protection , Wheels On Vehicle

£ 60+ *

Alloy wheel ceramic protection , Wheels Off Vehicle

£ 120+ *

Convertible roof protection

£ 80+ *

Exterior glass ceramic coating

£ 50+ *

Ceramic coating 3-year protection

£ 150+ *

Ceramic coating 5-year protection

£ 350+ *
*Price shown are prices from £… The quote will vary depending on vehicles size/condition