Intensive Paint Correction

The intensive paint correction detail aims to leave the paintwork on your vehicle blemish free and better than new looking.

Using a wide variety of compounds, pads and even wet sanding techniques we safely remove heavy defects the likes of bird poo etchings, bug squash marks and those deep annoying scratches.

The use of specialist products, tooling and techniques will certainly make a huge difference to the appearance of your vehicle.

In some cases, the perfect results cannot be achieved due to the depth of the scratches etc but we can noticeably reduce the appearance of these blemishes.

As a guide we say if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail then there is a high possibility that paintwork is needed rather than correction.

We will advise you of this fact during the initial inspection of the vehicle.  


Alloy wheels cleaned on vehicle


Wheel arches steam cleaned, snow foamed and brushed


Extensive multi staged wash process of vehicles paintwork, glass and trim including doors shuts


Tar deposits and iron fallout treated with specialist products to remove from surfaces


Remaining surface contaminants removed with a clay bar to give the ultimate smooth finish


Vehicle re-washed


Vehicle then dried using hot air blowers and drying towels


Multi stage machine polishing using appropriate compounds, pads and wet sanding (removes up to 95% of defects)


Vehicle re-washed


Vehicle wiped down with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to remove residues and oils leaving a clean base surface


Application of ceramic enhances to paintwork giving 12-month protection


Exterior trim, tyres and any chrome dressed and protected as necessary


Glass cleaned

Time taken for this detail 4 - 5 days

Pricing Starts From

*The quote will vary depending on vehicles size/condition
£ 750*
Optional Bolt-Ons

Basic interior valet

£ 30+ *

Interior deep clean including leather care and carpet shampoo

£ 100+ *

Alloy wheel ceramic protection , Wheels On Vehicle

£ 60+ *

Alloy wheel ceramic protection , Wheels Off Vehicle

£ 120+ *

Engine bay detail

£ 50+ *

Convertible roof cleanse & protect

£ 80+ *

Exterior glass ceramic coating

£ 50+ *

Ceramic coating 3-year protection

£ 150+ *

Ceramic coating 5-year protection

£ 350+ *
*Price shown are prices from £… The quote will vary depending on vehicles size/condition