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Engine Bay Detail

Although the engine bay is shut away for most of the time it’s such a shame that it gets ignored.

Your vehicle looks pretty impressive after a detail but when you get to lift the bonnet it looks pretty nasty with all the dust, leaves, road grime and sometimes oil which has collected over the years.

An engine bay detail probably provides one of the biggest transformations of any detail out there, the before and afters are usually very impressive.

When detailing an engine, we protect any delicate areas such as air boxes, ECUs and other vital components before we start the process.

Once the engine bay has been cleaned, we treat all areas with a safe protectant which not only protects hoses, wiring etc but leaves it looking like new.


Vital and delicate components covered


Debris including leaves removed by hand


Professional degreaser applied to all areas and left to dwell


Rinse off at low pressure with hot water


Snow foam applied to engine


All areas agitated with various brushes


Rinse off at low pressure with hot water


Hot air blowers and drying towels used to remove water from engine bay


Remove protective covers from delicate areas


Protectant applied to engine bay


Engine bay and bonnet paintwork polished


Visual check of all areas

Time taken for this detail 4 hours

Pricing From

*Prices shown are for guidance only and dependant on size /model and condition of vehicle.
£ 50*