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Decontamination Safe Wash

Our decontamination detail is a multi-staged process designed to remove all the nasty deposits bonded on and around your vehicle.

An intense cleanse of the vehicle’s outside body, wheels and arches is carried out to remove any contamination and fallout that is bonded to the outside.

The process involves many stages of washing using specialist non-harmful products and tools before the whole outside of the vehicle including glass is meticulously and carefully clay barred by hand to bring back the silky finish it had when new.

Once the outside is completely cleansed; ceramic enhancing paint and trim products are applied leaving your vehicle protected and looking super clean.


Alloy wheels cleaned on vehicle


Wheel arches steam cleaned, snow foamed and brushed


Extensive multi staged wash process of vehicles paintwork, glass and trim including doors shuts


Tar deposits and iron fallout treated with specialist products to remove from surfaces


Remaining surface contaminants removed with a clay bar to give the ultimate smooth finish


Vehicle re-washed


Vehicle then dried using hot air blowers and drying towels


Paint enhancement and protection products applied to paintwork


Exterior trim, tyres and any chrome dressed and protected as necessary


Glass cleaned

Time taken for this detail 1 day, depending on size of vehicle

Pricing Starts From

The quote will vary depending on vehicles size/condition
£ 140*
Optional Bolt-Ons

Basic interior valet

£ 30+ *

Interior deep clean including leather care and carpet shampoo

£ 100+ *

Alloy wheel ceramic protection , Wheels On Vehicle

£ 60+ *

Alloy wheel ceramic protection , Wheels Off Vehicle

£ 120+ *

Engine bay detail

£ 50+ *

Convertible roof cleanse & protect

£ 80+ *

Exterior glass ceramic coating

£ 50+ *
*Price shown are prices from £… The quote will vary depending on vehicles size/condition