Bike Detail

At Vivid Element we are able to offer professional motorbike detailing for the two wheeled enthusiasts.

We have been fully trained in the art of cleaning motorbikes and proud to be one of only a limited amount of companies in the UK offering this service. 

Not only are we able to professionally cleanse your bike we are able to offer a truly outstanding ceramic coating service also. ​

We only use a specialist dedicated motorbike ceramic product which have been specially developed for bikes only.

These products offer anti-corrosion, 9H Scratch Resistant and are heat resistant to 750°C.​

The coatings offer more flex and heat resistance than car ceramic coatings and will last longer because of this.

Professionally applied to all areas of the Bike including paintwork, engine, exhaust (inc Chrome Pipes), wheels, brake callipers, screen, lights, indicators, and panniers (if fitted) …even your number plate!

Once finished your bike will have a highly hydrophobic finish that will keep it cleaner for longer and is effortless to keep clean.

It’s perfect for both Gloss and Matte finishes

Gone are the days of greasy, oily protection sprays, now’s the time to use our ceramic coatings.  

We are even able to clean and ceramic coat your motorbike helmet should you wish?


An intensive decontamination wash detail


Hot air dryers and drying towels are used to remove any water


Bike is then wiped down using an Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)


Ceramic coating (3-year longevity) applied to all areas of bike using cloth applicators and air brush.

Time taken for this detail 1-2 Days


The quote will vary depending on vehicles condition
£ 329
Optional Bolt-Ons

Paint correction

£ 45 Per Hour

Helmet ceramic coating (3-year)

£ 25